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With iBrandox’s Social Media Marketing Services, you can escalate your brand awareness, website traffic and client relationship further. Our social media marketing specialists help you to increase your followers/fans on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. We ensure that your social media followers are relevant to your business, thus enabling you to improve your brand’s presence on the web.

What Differentiates Us?

At iBrandox, the premier social media marketing company in Singapore, we dig deeper into your existing social media presence, data and analytics to identify new ways or opportunities to grow your brand’s presence on social media. Right from optimizing your existing content as well as brand’s message in accordance with varied social media platform to identifying and growing your leads through persuasive messages, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your social media success.

More about Our Process

When you approach us with your social media optimization requirement, we take a closer look at your existing social media presence to understand your basic needs and develop a strategy that works in your favour. From that moment on, we assign a professional social media marketing manage to handle your account. Our social media manager connects with you to gather an in-depth understanding of your social media marketing objectives.

Following this, our social media experts will create the right plan, tailored in accordance with your business goal. We design unique advertising plans, content strategy and social media campaigns that ensure long-term success on social media. Once you have reviewed and approved our strategies, we keep a track of your social media activities to attract organic traffic to your website. Aside to implementing the strategy we also create monthly reports for your better understanding.

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How can your social media strategy generate more leads for my brand/business?

Our social media strategies help you to identify and engage as well as convert your target clients into permanent clients. We create meaningful content, advertising campaigns and social media plans to generate more leads for your website and business.

What will you post to create social media awareness about my business?

We tailor our content and social media strategies based on your specific requirements and target audience. Our team of designers create innovative graphic designs and our social media experts create interesting posts to inform, entertain and educate your target customers.

Is there any specific number of followers that you can acquire for my business?

Our social media strategies help businesses in Singapore to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers through constant engagement and communication in the form of comments, likes etc. of your posts. This in turn, helps our clients to increase their website traffic and achieve more leads as well as sales for their business. While, there is no specific number that we can provide you, we assure you that you will get hundreds and thousands of followers for your website.

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