What are the Basics of Effective Digital Marketing?

According to surveys and studies, it has been found that about 45% of brands do not have any well-defined strategy of marketing, and also 15% have a strategy yet to be implemented. But the thing is that if you don’t have effective marketing strategies in place, your business will fail to grow as it should, and also lose out on inventiveness. Web development company in Singapore realizes this. Here are some suggestions to enable you to make sure that digital marketing works for you.

Knowing what you want and objectives

You should try to define the objective of your business first of all. The digital marketing will be based on that. You should be specific about the KPIs with analyzing the previous digital marketing outcomes. You can use Google Analytics to measure what number of conversions you have; Buzz Sumo also does a good job for a social media analytic.

Learn from past mistakes

You should not be discouraged by previous failed attempts or mistakes. Instead learn from them and use that to step inside the planning portion. Analyze your digital efforts from the past and use the two in conjunction to set the best KPIs for the business. The first and second steps can be done together as well. Mistakes happen to everyone, and should be taken into stride. In fact, even after careful planning there is a chance that you make some other mistake that hampers the digital marketing. Just take things as they come.


You should opt for the time period that you would like to be analyzed. Set the Google Analytics calendar in accordance to it. Then try Google’s Benchmarking Reports into the Analytics account in order to measure your progress against your competitors. The marketing strategy of your rival is also of importance. You need to create spreadsheets of their online activities and work on that. Also, SEMrush is used to identify what kind of SEO strategy your competitor has in place. It is also used to see the organic and paid traffic of different websites. This can be used by you to see how aggressive they are with their Internet marketing strategy.

Key Audience

You have to determine who your key audience is going to be, because the digital marketing company in Singapore is going to work accordingly with the strategy to attract them to your website.  You need to serve the needs of the consumer and that is not possible unless you know them well. Note all demographic information like gender, age and location. There is a tool called Audience Reports in Google Analytics that reveals a lot of information of the target persona, for example career, sex and age.

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19 Mar 2018 By iBrandox
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