How Small Businesses in Singapore Can Benefit from Digital Marketing During the Corona Crisis?

The widespread increase of COVID-19 disease has impacted economies and businesses globally and the situation in Singapore is no different. With over 2200 COVID-19 positive patients in the country, the government of Singapore has announced a temporary shutdown and also requested people to maintain social distancing. Given such a scenario, many businesses are looking to withdraw or decrease their marketing efforts. However, smart business owners must look at this situation as an appropriate opportunity to move ahead. Read on to find out how small businesses in Singapore can use digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis.

Marketing Strategies to Be Used During the COVID-10 Pandemic

1. SMM or Social Media Marketing: More people are using the internet during the corona crisis. In fact, everyone including the adults and children is accessing social media to keep themselves engaged and entertained. With so many people spending time online, it is only ideal for businesses to target them. Small businesses can use this time to increase their marketing efforts on social media and put their brands right before their target audience.

2. SEO If your business sells a product or service that people commonly search for on the internet then use SEO to improve your website’s rankings on Google search. Thus, if you think that scaling back your SEO efforts is the right way further then you are absolutely wrong. You should instead focus on enhancing your SEO strategies and increasing SEO to steer ahead of your competitors.

3. Email Marketing: Now is the time to expand your email marketing activities and build relationships with your existing and potential clients. Remember, email marketing is effective, irrespective of whether you own a B2B or even a B2C business. You can use this time for nurturing your leads through email newsletters and build your brand for success even after the deadly pandemic is over.

4. Google and Social Advertising: Among the many other digital marketing activities, you must also continue with Google and Social advertising. Remember, consumers have stopped spending money momentarily and once the corona crisis is over, they will resume their buying activities. This is exactly why you need to continue with the promotion as well as advertising of your products & services on leading social media websites as well as Google to keep your brand relevant.

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13 Apr 2020 By iBrandox
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