Must Ask Questions From Your Website Developer Before Hiring Them!

A website developer and a good website developing company are as important for your business as any other element like finance, resources etc. There will be no exaggeration in saying that the website developer is more or less your business partner as success and sales of your eCommerce venture will depend on the website designed by them. If you don’t have much technical knowledge a low budget at hand for website development, there is no need to lose heart. You can get the work done as per your wish and budget if you are prepared with a questionnaire while hiring the web developer.

Some important questions to be asked to the web developer are discussed below:

  • Ask about the pricing of services offered by the web developer.
  • It is but obvious that when you are hiring a team of professionals to design, explore, test and manage your project, they will charge the remuneration as per the services offered by them. Difference in pricing will also depend on various features, payment gateways and graphics you wish to get incorporated in your website. A reputed website developer may charge something between few hundred to thousand dollars.

  • Second question should be about tracking the success of the website.
  • It is a critical question as even most reputed firms cannot give exact numbers as success depends on various factors such as number of page visits, time spent on page, SEO ranking, conversion rates, inbound links and so on. But if the firm has worked on similar project in past they will have a general idea about what to expect and how much to expect.

  • Then comes the turn of the core services offered by the company under consideration.
  • These days most of the website development companies offer customized web development solutions. They have a complete package to meet all the needs of a budding eCommerce website. You should have a clear idea about what all the company is capable of offering, what exactly you need and how you can get maximum return on investment.

  • Another question that can help you in evaluation process is the company’s policy to develop websites for the competitors.
  • It is very important to know about the companies take on developing website for other industries in same or similar domain. It can also be one of the criterion defining your success in the business.

  • Then ask about the information needed by them to get started.
  • Usually a website development company will require information like your motto, about your product, your idea and values of business, pictures you wish to be displayed on the website and so on.
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08 Jan 2018 By iBrandox
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